The most powerful Amazon Associate marketing suite ever.  EVER.

Introducing Associate King, the most powerful Amazon Associate Marketing Suite ever created. Associate King takes tasks that used to take you hours to complete and gets them done in seconds.
  • Research Amazon products by keyword, product category and price
  • Generate a product landing page
  • Upload the landing page to your server
  • All in less than 60 seconds.

Watch Demo Video is the world's largest ecommerce website and its Amazon Associates program is the worlds largest affiliate program. With Amazon Associates you can choose from over a million products to promote and get paid a commission when one of your customers buys a product. Amazon pays out millions of dollars in commissions every month with top associates making hundreds of thousands of dollars.
If you already have an Associates account you know that trying to sort though over a million products to find one to promote can be a daunting and time consuming task. Then building a web page to promote your product, you could invest over an hour on just one product. If you're thinking there has to be a better way there is, get your copy of Associate King today!

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  • Export products as text files to create pages from later.
  • Export products as blog posts to copy and paste into your blog site.
  • Export products as fully built HTML landing pages to upload to your site.
  • Create banner ads for only the products you select to maximize your earnings.
  • Create Adwords ads for products to upload to your Google Adwords account.

Only $49.95
And $9.95/month

*Program Requirements
Amazon Product Research
Associate King's Amazon research engine helps you find products to promote by allowing you to search by keyword or product category or keyword in a product category and by price. The Associate King research engine will then return up to the top 50 selling products based on your search criteria. The research engine will also return an image of the product (so you know what you are promoting if you are unfamiliar with the product), the list and best prices for the products and also the potential commissions you would make each time one of your leads buys the product.

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The potential commission is a key item to focus on because you want to spend your time promoting products you can make money selling. For example, in the books category, the best selling book averages about $18 so your potential commission from selling that book is about $0.72. So with that in mind you want spend as little time and money as possible promoting this product, unless you can sell 10,000 of them. But it is the best selling book for a reason, because a lot of people are interested in and a lot of people are buying it, but there is also a lot of competition from other associates promoting it.

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A better option would be to use Associate Kings research engine to find a product with a high commission payout and less competition. For this example we could use the research engine to search the Kitchen category for a highly ranked product that costs between $250-$500. Our search results return a highly ranked juicer that we could promote that is paying a $14 commission per sale. This gives us a much higher payout than the book we were previously looking at and a greatly reduced level of competition from other associates. This is product worth spending our time to promote.

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After you have used Associate Kings research engine to find products you want to promote its time to break out Associate Kings proverbial big guns, its export engines. The Associate King export engines let you export Amazon's product data via 5 unique engines:

Text Export Engine
The Text Export Engine takes the Amazon product data for the selected product and breaks it down into a text format that you could then use to create a product landing page, a review article, a newsletter promotion, a Twitter post or a Facebook status update.

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Blog Export Engine
The Blog Export Engine takes the Amazon product data for the selected product and converts it into a piece of HTML code that you can copy and paste into your Wordpress, Blogger, Dupral, Moveable Type or any other blog/content management system site. Customizable default CSS.

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Landing Page Export Engine
The Landing Page Export Engine takes the Amazon product data for the selected product and converts it into a fully coded HTML page with metadata for title, description, keywords and image alt tags already inserted. Customizable default CSS. You just need to FTP the pages to your server.

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Banner Ad Export Engine
The Banner Ad Export Engine takes the Amazon product data for the selected products and converts them into banner ads you can run on sites you control. The ads look like Amazon's own ads but they allow you to select the exact products you want to advertise to your niche and maximize your earnings.

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Adwords Export Engine
The Adwords Export Engine takes the Amazon product data for the selected product and converts it into text ads for Google Adwords. You can use the Landing Page Export Engine to create the destination for your Adword's click. The Adwords Export Engine generates a csv file you can upload to Google Adwords to mass create your ads.

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Only $49.95
And $9.95/month
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